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AnkeTwine: Anke 2007-03-09 19:09

on naming a character

* Anke calls her Wstfgl
Snog: Weistfoigul!
* Anke would actually use Foigu, if that didn't look like a bad pun on fuego
Snog: Foiga?
Anke: Olga
Anke: (no, not really)
Snog: !!
Snog: Evil.
Anke: Loga!
Anke: And she can have a brother called Rhythm! :D
Snog: XD
Snog: Geeky! I approve.
Anke: or, no, a sister named Rhythm. Who marries someone named Algo!
Anke: (I'll so go to hell for this.)
Snog: (I'll come with you, laughing.)
Snog: And one of them has to be called Poly.
Anke: someone's kid
Anke: Twin of Gamy
* Snog dies XD
Anke: ... and Loga and Mael must have a son named Strom

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MuttTwine: Mutt 2007-03-09 19:28

Strom? Oh, the angst.

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2007-11-25 12:18

[19:52] * Nico tries to come up with arguments why Sylvie is a kitty besides looking for some warm spot behind the oven/next to the fireplace if ever stuck in what people here would call winter.
[19:53] Helmine: I suggest fascination with shiny things.
[19:54] Nico: No, not really.
[19:54] Helmine: No? *grins and points at Sebbie*
[19:54] Helmine: Ever seen how ridiculous a guy that pale looks in bright sunlight?
[19:55] Nico: *heh*
[19:55] Argilla: Or you for that matter.
[19:55] Helmine: HEY.
[19:56] Nico: Why "hey"? That was obvious. My first thought when you pointed him out was that she's not interested in you.
[19:58] Helmine: Good. *grumble*
[20:02] Nico: Basaltine is tricky, but then, he SAID he might have a lion in his family tree.
[20:03] Nico: And Argilla for some reason I picture as a longhair cat which has trained the people around it to do exactly what she wants, but I have no idea how accurate that is.
[20:03] Argilla: :3
[20:03] Argilla: Except that I do not have that silly, flat face...
[20:04] Nico: None of the likenesses is perfect, of course

[snip Anke and Snog discussing Random Encounter]

[20:13] Nico: "hiding under furniture" is definitely another point in favour of cat-dom for Sebs.
[20:15] Sebastian: Nocturnal activities, tendency to sabotage perfectly good banners, hanging on to curtains, habit of disappearing for... er... years...
[20:15] Nico: And foxes are the most cat-like canids, anyway.
[20:16] Sebastian: I'm going to steal your socks for that.
[20:16] Nico: No idea why, but there you go. *gets off shoes and socks and hands the latter to Sebastian.
[20:17] Sebastian: Because this way it'll feel more annoying after I do this. *pours water into Nico's boots*
[20:18] Helmine: ... He really is retarded.
[20:18] Argilla: I do not know. I really do hate wet shoes.
[20:18] Helmine: You hate chairs with no cushions, too.
[20:18] Argilla: But of course I do.
[20:18] Nico: *headscratch* Would it have been worse or not as bad if it had been rubber boots?
[20:19] Sebastian: Oh, you tell me. *twirls socks*
[20:19] * Nico shrugs and boils soup from the boots.
[20:20] Nico: Couldn't have done that with rubber boots.
[20:20] * Helmine grins
[20:20] Nico: Anyway, if I had a vote, I'd say Ludovic goes to bed and falls asleep without noticing Sebastian.
[20:21] Helmine: Hahaha!
[20:22] Nico: Because I'm curious what'd happen.
[20:23] * Sebastian grins toothily, eyes gleaming under the hat's shadow. lightning flashes.
[20:24] * Nico applauds
[20:24] * Sebastian bows

[start group chat]
[21:02] Anke: I have to say, "the monk" being Sebs is confusing.
[21:02] Mutt: Haha.
[21:02] Mutt: Yes, it is.
[21:03] Mutt: If only Weft were there dressed as a wizard, then he'd be "the mage" and my brain would melt out of my ears.
[21:03] *** Snog has joined the chat.
[21:03] Anke: Nono, first Swiff needs a dog costume
[21:03] Snog: He needs a wide-brimmed hat and a wig.
[21:04] Snog: THAT would make Weft cry.
[21:04] Anke: And Basaltine gets dyed red with a white tail-tip and is the fox.
[21:04] Mutt: What, Weft in wizard outfit, Swiff uncomfortably dressed as a Fox and Sebbie doing the monastic thing?
[21:04] Mutt: Baz says he has SOME pride and would rather dress as Helmine.
[21:04] Helmine: I'm fucking going to shoot that mutt.
[21:05] Basaltine: You hast already pierced mine heart with your bullets of lurve.
[21:05] Anke: So what, next year Sebs dressed as Weft, Weft dressed as Swiff, and Swiff dressed as Sebs?
[21:05] Helmine: Well, it didn't kill you. So I'll just try again with copper-tips.
[21:05] Suitov: I fear I'd be the weak link in that fashionable chain, so I'll decline.
[21:06] Nico: Coward. >:P
[21:07] Weft: Swiff dressed as... yes, that would make me cry all right.
[21:07] Suitov: See. Humanitarian coward.
[21:07] Nico: OK, you win.
[21:09] Basaltine: Hurrah for teary-green-eyed non-kitties using boo hoo hoo tactics to get their way.
[21:10] * Nico steals the "non-"
[21:10] * Weft crosses his eyes insolently at the pair of them
[21:11] Weft: Yawl better fear my evil.
[21:11] Sebastian: Huh? Evil?
[21:11] Anke: Evil twin? vampire!Weft?
[21:12] Weft: No no no don't invite him!
[21:12] Helmine: Aaaaaaaaa!
[21:14] Weft: I'm serious, he's awful, and he talks so much nonsense... I... I'm going to kill him. And most of the rest of you.

[21:40] V|Weft: Hi everyone!
[21:40] Anke: You weren't invited.
[21:40] Snog: You weren't invited.
[21:40] Anke: Your evil twin actually un-invited you.
[21:40] Anke: That was probably a mistake, come to think of it.
[21:40] V|Weft: I wondered why this chat room was located in a locked dungeon with a sign saying "No Wefts Allowed".
[21:41] Anke: Yes, that was a mistake.
[21:41] V|Weft: Can I stay?
[21:41] Anke: ... at least there's no carpet or curtains to shred.
[21:42] Weft: Oh no no NO.
[21:42] Snog: No.
[21:42] Anke: NO?
[21:42] Snog: He can't stay.
[21:42] Anke: I thought carpets were evil
[21:43] Anke: ...
[21:43] Anke: That is, I thought he thought carpets were evil.
[21:43] Weft: Disgusting undead spawn of evil, go away and die!
[21:43] V|Weft: Are you cross with me?
[21:44] V!Helmine: Hey Weft. Time for your spongebath.
[21:44] Helmine: YOU WEREN'T INVITED.
[21:44] V!Helmine: Suck off.
[21:44] Weft: Aiee. Kill them kill them kill them!
[21:45] V|Weft: *nudges Helmine* ...She likes me.
[21:46] Anke: ... I would have v!Xan show up, but I think it'd get too confusing when she starts bugging Weft.
[21:46] Anke: and anyway I have a post to finish.
[21:47] V|Weft: Xanthy! She's my sister.
[21:48] Weft: WHAT.
[21:48] V|Weft: I mean, not really, silly.
[21:48] Weft: Helmine, Suitov, Nico, anybody, kill these things right nowwww.
[21:48] Anke: She also wants to break you evil twin's neck.
[21:49] V|Weft: Don't break his neck! He's not that evil.
[21:49] Weft: You're the evil one!!
[21:49] Anke: You are both evil.
[21:49] V|Weft: No, I'm the cute one. Look.
[21:49] Anke: The one doesn't preclude the other...
[21:50] Weft: You're a twisted mockery of a parody of me... why do you look younger than me? Uh, I mean, die, demon.
[21:51] V|Weft: I'm not evil. I'm nice. Don't say nasty things about my family.
[21:52] Weft: Oh, that is it. I'm going to kill you slow.
[21:53] v!Xan: Well, go ON already.
[21:54] Weft: I'm trying. He's faster than I am!
[21:55] V!Helmine & Helmine: ... *glare at each other, then start to enjoy the show, snickering*
[21:55] V|Weft: Because I'm the good twin. I can also keep wittering on because I don't need to breathe.
[21:57] Weft: I'll chop, stake and garnish your stupid self.
[21:57] v!Xan *to v!Weft*: Do you want to keep him?
[21:58] V|Weft: *shakes head stubbornly* He's mean. Unleeesss. Do you think Rige and Caliban could nicen him up?
[21:59] V!Helmine: I don't want that. I don't want that.
[21:59] * V!Helmine takes aim at normo-Weft
[22:00] Weft: *is stock still* Rige? Do NOT tell me...
[22:00] * v!Xan curses her writer, who's too much of a chicken to just let her break his arms and legs.
[22:01] v!Xan: Oooh, he'd LOVE to have two of you around, I'm sure.
[22:01] * V!Helmine just bloody well shoots
[22:02] * Weft gets shot?
[22:02] V!Helmine: *wipes bloody tear of joy* I've wanted to do that for so long.
[22:03] V|Weft: Hel-mine.
[22:03] V!Helmine: My name. Please do not take it in vain.
[22:03] V|Weft: You are so awesome.
[22:03] V!Helmine: ...die.
[22:04] V|Weft: *nudges H* She's really modest.
[22:04] v!Xan: Let's drop the body in Rige's favourite study. He'll hate the mess.
[22:04] Helmine: HEY.
[22:05] V!Helmine: Xan. Good idea. Maybe it'll throw him off loop for a bit.
[22:05] V|Weft: Hey, now he's dead that's one single thing he and I have in common.
[22:06] * V|Weft kicks the body. Hard.
[22:08] V!Xan: *mutters* not even he likes himself, 's how annoying he is...
[22:09] V|Weft: Nobody drink from him, ok? I wouldn't feed that even to a chupacabra.
[22:09] Anke: um
[22:09] Anke: WHY?
[22:09] V|Weft: The amount of drugs in him...
[22:10] V!Helmine: *gets a syringe*
[22:10] V|Weft: Stupid alternative universe evil twins.
[22:10] V!Helmine: ...so if I feed this to Caliban...
[22:11] * Anke now wonders if Swiff ever got to take apart a manabar (or have it taken apart) thoroughly.
[22:11] V|Weft: Um, don't do that. He might not... enjoy his favourite tapestries so much.
[22:12] V!Helmine: GOOD.
[22:12] V|Weft: That's mean. He's always thinking of what's best for us.
[22:12] v!Xan: Caliban's sole and only interest is Caliban.
[22:13] V!Helmine: He'd probably try to tell you to give him all the prey you've caught just because he thinks it belongs to him, bucko.
[22:14] V|Weft: Please don't. I hate it when all of you get into fights.
[22:14] v!Xan: Cornelius at least pretends to care, but it would never cross Caliban's mind Anyone should not put Caliban first.
[22:15] V|Weft: You don't mean that. You're in a bad mood because you didn't get to kill your evil twin.
[22:15] v!Xan: I don't mind her. She isn't so much evil as pitiful.
[22:16] V|Weft: *contemplative glance at norma-Helmine*
[22:16] Helmine: ...
[22:16] V!Helmine: She's just too soft.
[22:17] V|Weft: Well, I couldn't kill her, but only because she looks sort of like you.
[22:26] * Anke sneaks off for a couple of minutes to get some toast.
[22:26] * Mutt was just considering doing likewise, but with less bread.
[22:34] * Nico meanwhile adds potatoes and pell peppers to the boot-soup
[22:36] * Mutt adds cabbage and different sort of cabbage. Yay!
[22:37] Nico: Do you have any idea what's annoying about "foxes are the most cat-like canids"?
[22:38] Mutt: Piper hates you, Snog, because I've been singing Angra lyrics at him. Also, Vamp-Weft has one knee on the windowsill and is patting at the stars outside in rapt concentration.
[22:38] Snog: Nyeh nyeh!
[22:38] * Nico fishes boots out of soup, cuts them to small bits, and throws the leather bits back in the pot.
[22:38] Mutt: If Weft wasn't dead, he'd say don't insult Sebbie by comparing him with what you normally compare Weft to.
[22:39] Nico: Hey, in ancient Egypt cats were considered gods. or something.
[22:42] * Dead Weft doubts you've been calling him a god all those times, but if you have, he'll be in severe trouble for blasphemy.
[22:42] * Nico gets a stack of bowl and spoons, fills two bowls, and hands one and a spoon to Sebastian. Sits down with another bowlful of boot-soup.
[22:43] V|Weft: I think we should kill or otherwise get rid of our evil twins and take their places. You know, like in the stories. The liveys will never know.
[22:43] Sebastian: Mmm, boot soup...
[22:43] V!Helmine: They damned well would.
[22:43] Nico: Do you think a headstone with an inscription of "NOT A KITTY!!" would make him happy?
[22:44] v!Xan: For a start, after a while they'd get suspicious not seeing us in daylight.
[22:44] * Nico eats soup.
[22:44] V|Weft: We could, um, all say we're working night jobs.
[22:45] * Dead Weft would undoubtedly be pleased to continue to be associated with kitties posthumously
[22:45] v!Xan: I'll probably regret trying to use logic, but... You realise if you took over Weft's place you would get pumped full of the drugs you mentioned?
[22:46] V|Weft: *kicks Weft* Stop editorialising. *to v!Xan* Maybe I'd be immune, or just not go back there.
[22:47] v!Xan: Hey, well.
[22:47] Sebastian: I'd kill you once I realised you're actually being too cheerful to be Weft.
[22:47] v!Xan: He's dead, you can go and take his place.
[22:47] Sebastian: Mind you. *points at V!H* You're dead meat.
[22:47] V!Helmine: ...
[22:47] v!Xan: Yes, she is. Eat your soup.
[22:48] Sebastian: Piss off. *eats soup*
[22:49] V|Weft: ...You'd kill me? Me? With this face? *adorable, wounded expression*
[22:50] Anke: ... no, with a hatchet. Or a stake. or something.
[22:51] Sebastian: Yes. I'd kill you.
[22:53] Nico: Is that an antipathy to impersonators or bloodsuckers?
[22:53] Sebastian: Impersonators, naturally.
[22:53] Nico: Have to root out fake Foxes often?
[22:54] Sebastian: Thankfully, no.
[22:55] * Nico considers
[22:55] V|Weft: But with him being unfashionably late, I'd be the only thing resembling him you'd have left.
[22:55] Nico: ehwell *drops it*
[22:59] V|Weft: 'Unfashionably late', ha, I crack myself up.
[23:00] v!Xan: Doesn't work that way, kit. A bad copy trying to sneak into the place of the original is worse than nothing.
[23:01] V|Weft: But...
[23:02] v!Xan: Imagine Rige were replaced by a Rige who insisted on wall-to-wall carpets because he wants to invite Them.
[23:03] V|Weft: ...I don't think I have that good imagination.
[23:03] V|Weft: Anyway, I'd be a far better Weft than that Weft.
[23:03] v!Xan: See, unimaginably nasty.
[23:04] Anke: ... interesting how the timeshift worked together there
[23:04] Mutt: :D
[23:06] V|Weft: He's so miserable and sober and miserable and emotionally stunted and miserable ALL THE TIME. You'd like me more.
[23:07] Snog: No thanks.
[23:07] * Dead Weft would so be screaming at you right now, you horrid bloodsucker
[23:08] Helmine: Oh, I can't take this anymore. SIRI!
[23:08] Nico: He has a point. Weft is even miserable when dead.
[23:09] Siri: What? I was in the bath! *knots towelling robe*
[23:09] * Helmine points at corpse
[23:09] Siri: *shakes her by the hand*
[23:09] Helmine: ...
[23:09] Siri: Your doing?
[23:09] Helmine: ...no.
[23:09] Helmine: Kind of. But no.
[23:10] V!Helmine: Hi, bitch.
[23:10] Siri: Oh, pardon.
[23:10] Siri: Er, right, and why are there two of you?
[23:10] Anke: Alternative universes.
[23:11] * V!Helmine reloads crossbow
[23:11] V|Weft: Cause none of us has the heart to kill her evil twin.
[23:12] Siri: And you are?
[23:12] V|Weft: Hurt and rejected.
[23:13] V|Weft: But still smiling. Did you know you have a pulse?
[23:13] Anke: Weft's hyper-little-cheerful twin. He's a vampire. And a kitten. Which have both pointy teeth, which is kinda convenient.
[23:13] Anke: Twin meaning alternative version from a different universe.
[23:14] Siri: Vuh...vuh...vampire.
[23:14] Anke: I'd like to spread my headache around, can you tell?
[23:14] Siri: Oh, I am going to need my BIG rolled-up newspaper.
[23:15] * Nico tries to sneak off quietly and quickly now the vampires are back.
[23:16] V|Weft: He *jerks thumb quickly at Sebs* sort of looks like Helmine. *to Siri* You don't.
[23:16] Sebastian: Duh?
[23:16] Siri: Does anyone know what he means?
[23:16] v!Xan: He's nuts.
[23:16] V|Weft: *hungry fangy grin*
[23:17] v!Xan: He also said something like he doesn't like to kill people who look like people he knows. *g*
[23:17] * Sebastian gets out the axe...
[23:17] * Helmine lifts rifle
[23:18] Siri: If the reverse of that statement is also true, we're going to have a problem.
[23:18] V|Weft: Sirry, you know, people usually run at this point.
[23:19] Helmine: Hey Weftie!
[23:19] Siri: Does that help them?
[23:19] Helmine: I'll be fucking upset if you fucking touch that woman, right? You know how IRRITA-- *gets shot*
[23:19] V!Helmine: ...idiot.
[23:19] V|Weft: No. It doesn't. ... What, Evil Helmine?
[23:19] Sebastian: o.O
[23:19] V|Weft: *cheers*
[23:19] * v!Xan breaks Sebs' arm and takes the axe.
[23:20] Sebastian: !!
[23:20] V|Weft: Helmine, you are SO awesome.
[23:20] Snog: \o/
[23:20] Snog: I think we can tell how THAT ends.
[23:20] v!Xan: Can we keep him? We ARE looking for someone to do the laundry.
[23:20] Sebastian: Aie.
[23:21] * Dead Weft is seriously, seriously furious
[23:21] Helmine: Ow.
[23:21] * Helmine shoots V!H
[23:21] V!Helmine: Mt--
[23:21] Helmine: What? It struck my belt buckle.
[23:21] V!Helmine: Funny, that... *glare, lifts broken belt buckle*
[23:21] * Siri's fussing over the broken arm, we think.
[23:22] * Boy, if Weft were alive he'd be spitting bloody froth right now.
[23:22] V|Weft: Yes, yes, we get it. *mutilates corpse*
[23:23] * v!Xan throws Siri against a wall.
[23:24] Siri: *faintly* So glad you invited me, Hellie dearest.
[23:25] Helmine: Yeah. Me too. *reloads*
[23:25] * Snog fumes
[23:25] * Snog smacks vampires back to their universe
[23:26] * Siri resets Weft's resurrection timer so he'll get up already. (What? Just because she doesn't like him...)

[23:28] Weft: When I get my hands on that vicious, insane inferior copy...
[23:29] Weft: And that other Xan is dead when I see her again. But I'll take several days about that one. Long, inventive days.
[23:30] Anke: HEY!
[23:30] Anke: She wasn't even involved.
[23:30] Weft: She broke his... *devolves into angry growl/yowl/mutters*
[23:31] Sebastian: *pats Weft*
[23:31] Anke: No, that was the vicious, insane, inferior copy of her.
[23:31] Helmine: *still wants to meet Xan*
[23:31] Weft: Yes. Her.
[23:31] Anke: You know, like it was Helmine's vicious, insane, inferior copy that shot you, and not Helmine.
[23:32] Weft: I know. Helmine's sterling. I've got no argument with her.
[23:32] Helmine: ?!
[23:33] Helmine: *waves hand in front of Weft's face*
[23:33] * Anke would like to know why Helmine wants to meet Xan.
[23:33] Weft: ... Did I say something wrong?
[23:33] Helmine: No. Just wondering. *to Anke.* Because?
[23:33] Helmine: I could talk shit about Dad with her.
[23:34] Mutt: Because they both need to be pirates, that's why.
[23:34] Anke: arrr
[23:34] Snog: Arr.
[23:34] Anke: Nico can be the monkey
[23:34] Weft: Almost no argument with her. *snicker*
[23:35] Mutt: Pirates. It would be totally great.
[23:35] Mutt: (Nobody suggest a ship's cat, please.)
[23:35] Snog: x)
[23:35] Anke: Merro
[23:35] Anke: :P
[23:35] Snog: :D
[23:36] Mutt: You know you want to put 'em in bandanas and find another magelock pistol from somewhere and plunder merchant shipping.
[23:37] Helmine: ....... Yes. YES.
[23:38] Mutt: With crewmen (of whatever gender) to be snarked at, rum to be drunk, fools to be keelhauled...
[23:39] * Nico slips Xan a playing card. Numbered 0. With some guy with a silver braid on it.
[23:40] Xan: ... not to be a spoilsport, but I'm more comfortable with horses than with ships.
[23:40] Mutt: Ancient sea monsters to be steered clear of, silver and gemstones to be looted, ship's wizards to yell at...
[23:42] Sylvie: *yells back* You should have shanghai'd a primary wind elementarist, you idiots!
[23:42] Mutt: Seasickness jokes to be made, reasons for Xan being aboard to be found, lots of excellent character drama and lulz...
[23:43] Helmine: Hahaahaha!
[23:43] Mutt: Salty sea air in your faces, no stupid landlubber laws to observe, child slaver ships to be attacked...
[23:44] Helmine: ... Now that you put it that way. *loads rifle*
[23:45] Anke: I watched Pirates of the Caribbean this afternoon. Again. I'm afraid I'm oversaturated.
[23:45] Snog: Wahey!
[23:46] Weft: Mutt, out of interest, have you been taking lessons from Icypants?
[23:46] Mutt: Nope. *g* *strokes plotbunny hopefully*
[23:46] * Anke is trying to keep up with too many boards already.
[23:47] * Mutt just got clawed in the face, by cat, not bunny. Brb after drowning it.
[23:48] * Mutt is back now the thrashing and underwater squeaks have subsided.
[23:48] Snog: o.O
[23:48] * Anke now has picture in head of Mutt stroking a plotbunny with white, long fur, movie-villain like
[23:50] * Mutt gives the bunny to Rige to exsanguinate, and the dead cat to V|W to taxidermificate.
[23:51] Mutt: Right. *claps hands together*
[00:00] * Anke now has a mental image of Sebs trying to climb on a ship, and meeting Xan at the rail, who's aiming a pistol right between his eyes.
[00:00] Snog: :D
[00:00] Sebastian: I'd... say that's a fairly accurate picture.
[00:00] Helmine: Me too.
[00:01] Mutt: Mwehehe.
[00:01] Anke: Caught on the downswing on the luck curve, or something like that.
[00:02] Mutt: Shoot, Xan, shoot!
[00:02] * Mutt is killed. There is a short pause. Mutt gets better.

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MuttTwine: Mutt 2008-01-28 21:32


Atter her, atter her,
Sleeky flatterer,
Spitfire chatterer,
Scatter her, scatter her
Off her mat!
Treat her rough!
Git her, git her,
Whiskery spitter!
Catch her, catch her,
Green-eyed scratcher!
Don't miss her!
Run till you're dithery,
Pfitts! Pfitts!
How she spits!
Spitch! Spatch!
Can't she scratch!
Scritching the bark
Of the sycamore-tree,
She's reached her ark
And she's hissing at me
Pfitts! Pfitts!
Wuff! Wuff!

Cat! by Eleanor Farjeon. (Can't find the date.)

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2008-10-27 15:48


Suitov: Am I... weird?
Anke: I'm sure you're the cause of much weirdness when the situation calls for some distraction, yes.
Suitov: You're too kind, I'm sure.
Weft: *narrow-eyed smirk/pout* Rigey. Three words. Flying peanut monster.
Suitov: But that made sound tactical sense. They had a superstitious fear of legum...
Weft: Weirdness.
Suitov: Strategic weirdness!
Anke: XD
Anke: brilliant strategic weirdness
Suitov: It was nothing.
Nico: Was it roasted and salted?
* Anke facepalms, on general principle
Weft: It was crawling over the ruined abbey they were using as a base, sending shoots through the ivy... pods bursting from underground...
Suitov: Simple illusion and localised telekinetic disturbance...
Weft: And the sounds it was making! Ha! They ran like termites from cooking acid!
Suitov: We were out of ammunition, the dogs were exhausted and reinforcements were half a day away.
* Anke cackles
Weft: Tactical a-salt.
Suitov: If it had failed, we would have had nothing.
Weft: If it had failed I would've gone and killed them all single-handedly.

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VespersTwine: Vespers 2008-10-28 09:54

That bit from Weft at the end is the real gem, oh yes it is.

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2008-10-28 10:17

Flying peanut monster is more funny, though.

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MuttTwine: Mutt 2008-10-28 10:44

I preferred the puns and obvious sadism. :D

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2009-09-07 13:14

Before the last one gets to have its first birthday...


Weft: Daaren, can you complete these names: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and...?
* Daaren stares at Weft.
Weft: Is that a no?
Anke: Speaking as myself, are that the Pacman ghosts? Then the last is Clyde
* Suitov <3s Anke
Weft: Yay, Daaren isn't a geek!
Daaren: Never heard of them.
Anke: Not that I ever played it, but Clyde somehow stuck.
Suitov: C . . . . . . . o . . . .
* Suitov can't find any combination of characters that look like a little pixelly cherry.
Anke: o/° ?
* Weft grabs Suitov's hand
Weft: NO. You are NOT going to go on an ascii art bender and draw a whole Pacman maze.
Suitov: What makes you think I was planning to... *looks shifty*

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MuttTwine: Mutt 2009-09-07 13:57

Context: Weft was doing a Highly Scientific test on Daaren to make sure he wasn't secretly a geek. ;)

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MuttTwine: Mutt 2009-09-26 12:22


Nico: You two [Daaren and Suitov] should chat more.
Nico: As an added bonus, that would probably lead to the higest concentration of rolled rs in the whole building.

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2010-07-15 20:31

Mutt: *considers* Mind you, I could have a piece of paper with the number for the local Co-op supermarket scribbled on it and quite easily convince Weft it was a magical scroll.
Anke: Well, it is.
Anke: Or at least a scroll containing a spell of sorts.
Suitov: A scroll of Long-Distance Communication!
Anke: *nodnod*
Suitov: Components: verbal and somatic. Requires focus: telephone. Duration: concentration. Casting time: one round, if you dial as quickly as I do.

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AnkeTwine: Anke 2012-03-22 18:50

Twitter transcript, for posterity and Snog:

Profusion Updates: New #Twine update! Instarrian: Weft surprised me by announcing that most Instarrian hair is short..
Anke: Another reason to consider Suitov weird?
Mutt: Yeah, and by definition his hair is relatively short among his peers.
Mutt: (it's extremely impolite to have longer hair than your liege unless he's male and bald...)
Mutt: I recall one time Suitov's heading back on-planet to see his king, and someone "forgot" to tell Ice he'd been ill and shaved his head.
Mutt: That could have been rather tense. One of the few times The Most Honourable Marquise of Navette has saved anyone's life with scissors.
Anke: Impromptu haircuts for everyone!
Suitov: With information. And it wouldn't have been my life. Distantly possible in peacetime when Roy hadn't enough real threats...
Mutt: Nah, just the aristocrats.
Anke: I was referring to Profusion characters just then. :)
Mutt: Oh, heh heh. *eyes Weft until he blushes*
Weft: He's still longer than most of the flashiest Instarrians. 'Cept wigs, obviously. Still... I may grow to miss the insane braid.
Anke: Look on the bright side: He didn't want his head shaved.
Weft: I would've wept.
Sylvie: Bald would have been easiest to get neat. Kill the hair roots, and the hair pulls out quite easily.
Sylvie: ...takes a while before it starts regrowing, though, so one should be sure.
Suitov: I just wrote a spell to do it. Far too busy for arrant barbery.
Weft: Your hair takes about four months to grow out enough and you "haven't got the time" to have it cut. Yes. That's you all over.
Anke: Adorable. :)
Anke: *wonders where she put that sketch of @phytokinetic as a kid with shortish hair*

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